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Life-saving and heart-warming stories

Guarding against Giardia

Meet Alfie, the curly coated Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Alfie's owner was very concerned when he passed diarrhoea with spots of blood and mucus in it, especially as he is only two months old.

Thankfully when we examined him, we found that he was otherwise in good spirits, had no fever and his abdomen was not painful, therefore we were suspicious of Giardia infection. Giardia is a single celled parasite that can cause diarrhoea, especillay in dogs. It usually improves very quickly with the right treatment and we are pleased to report that Alfie was already much improved after just two days.

Diarrhoea in puppies should always be taken seriously, as they can dehydrate very fast. Whilst a vet should check this every time, there is no immediate need for panic, as many of these cases do clear up very quickly with early treatment.

For further information contact our team, or have a look at our pet fact sheets for more detailed information.

Oh no, Coco!

Seventeen-year-old Coco, pictured with our student nurse Lynn, came to see us as she suddenly started bumping into things at home. Coco appeared to have gone blind and when we checked her eyes we found that her retinas were detached. As this can be due to high blood pressure, we immediately measured this, and indeed it was very high.

We started her on blood pressure reducing medicine to prevent further complications, such as a stroke, and hopefully her eyesight will improve again.

High blood pressure is common in elderly cats, although it does not show any early symptoms. We therefore recommend that you get your elderly cat's blood pressure checked regularly - this is non-invasive and not at all painful. Please do give us a call if you would like to arrange a blood pressure check for your cat.

Summer Scratching

This gorgeous girl is Nellie, who was brought to see us with itchy skin. It seems as though her symptoms are due to a seasonal allergy, and so far she has responded well to oral medication. However, if her symptoms persist we will need to consider blood tests to find out what she is allergic to, and start her on a course of de-sensitising injections.

Allergic skin disease is a very common problem in dogs and can make them quite uncomfortable. Luckily there are a variety of options to successfully treat the problem, and so if you are concerned that your pet is itchy, please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment.

You can also have a look at our pet fact sheets for more useful information.

Rabbit picture puzzle

Take a look at this x-ray of Lily the rabbit who had eaten something unusual. Can you guess what those tiny flecks in her stomach and intestine might be? Lily came in to see us after eating through a copper cable.

Thankfully she is now completely back to normal and does not appear to have any long lasting ill effects or toxicity from eating the copper fibres.Lily certainly worried us as she was very ill for about two days, but with treatment and lots of TLC we were able to keep get her intestine track moving again. Lily now enjoys her many treats of basil leaves, and will be kept away from any cables in future.

Taking it on the chin

Astra our ginger sweetheart (on the right) came in to us back in October after her owner noticed she had badly injured her chin.

Radiographs were taken which showed that she had fractured the front part of her lower jaw.

Our vet Ash repositioned the broken part of the jaw and fitted a wire to stabilise everything and allow healing to take place. After six weeks, Ash removed the wire and we're pleased to report that Astra's fracture has healed very well.

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