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Handling your guinea pig

Guinea pigs rarely violently struggle when they are being picked up but often make a "squeal of protest", which sounds pig-like to many people. Nevertheless, great care should be taken not to injure them when picking them up.

Your questions answered

How should I handle my guinea pig?

To pick up your guinea pig you should approach it with two hands. Place one hand placed under the guinea pig's chest and abdomen, and the other supports its hindquarters and weight. If it struggles, hold the hind legs to get a more secure grip.

Adults and those that are pregnant should receive gentle, but firm, and total support.

To hold a guinea pig for injections, grasp and extend the hind limbs with your free hand, this will enable your vet to inject the animal in the midsection.

One of the most desirable features of guinea pigs as pets is that they rarely bite when being handled or restrained. One reference indicates that only 1 in 400 will bite under these circumstances.

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