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Dogs and cats can be infected with roundworms and tapeworms, both of which live in the guts with the potential to cause vomiting, diarrhoea and a general failure to thrive. Animals can pick up worms when they sniff ground where other animals have been. They can also catch worms from fleas, hunting or eating raw meat. A recent study found every gram of soil in a London park had a Toxocara (roundworm) egg in it. As well as infecting pets this worm can be transmitted to people and in certain, unfortunate circumstances cause blindness. Children are particularly susceptible to Toxocara infection.

Another worm of significance for dogs is the lungworm, Angiostrongylus vasorum. There have been more incidences of lungworm over the last few years with a related increase in fatalities. Symptoms range from coughing and pneumonia, to diarrhoea and vomiting, or the blood not being able to clot and subsequent strokes or neurological problems. The worm does not always cause obviously noticeable problems but we recommend regular treatment for it as the infection become serious. The only effective and practical preventative treatment is Advocate spot-on. Advocate also is a very effective treatment for fleas and fox mange. Please contact the clinic for further details.

Preventative care is of utmost value to your pet and it is therefore important to make sure your pet is up to date with all its worming treatment and vaccinations.

Our current recommendations for dogs are: Drontal worming every 3-6 months and Advocate spot-on monthly.

For cats we recommend: Drontal, Milbemax or Profender worming every 3-6 months and Advocate spot on monthly. If your cat is a regular hunter then it is particularly important to use a wormer effective against tapeworms such as Drontal, Milbemax or Profender at least every 3 months. If you cat is indoors then we recommend annual worming with either Milbemax, Drontal or Profender.

Please contact us to discuss your pets' needs and the parasite control most suitable for their lifestyle.

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