COVID 19 Guide to Visiting the Surgery

Everything you need to know about our surgeries during the easing of lockdown: November 2021

Please advise our team if you have any Covid-19 symptoms or awaiting covid test results.

How we are currently working

 First of all, all our staff are wearing masks into the clinical areas the entire time at the moment plus the vast majority of approximately 95 to 99% of staff are double vaccinated.

 We are limiting the number of people in the waiting rooms from between 1-3 people in the waiting room and we also ask that ideally you wear masks in the waiting areas.

 We ask that only one person comes into the consultation room, also wearing a mask.

 If you feel uncomfortable entering the surgery or consolation room for whatever reason please let us know also and we can take the necessary steps.

Please note that it is very difficult to ensure social distancing when you’re around pets and holding animals so this is important to keep everyone safe. It is also not easy to ensure excellent ventilation in a veterinary consultation room despite extractor fans as you cannot open windows for obvious reasons of pets escaping.