Geriatric Clinics

We love taking care of our older pet patients as they are often so full of character, and thanks to advances in medicine we can do so much more for our older friends to help keep them healthy and comfortable throughout their retirement!

When do pets start ageing?
Our pets age a lot quicker than we do, if your dog or cat is over the age of 8 you may be surprised to know that they are regarded as senior.

As they age it becomes even more important for you to keep an eye on your older friend and watch out for any changes that may indicate a developing health problem.

Symptom of old age or something more serious?
If you have noticed your pet slowing down, losing weight or acting strangely, it may just be a symptom of getting older but any changes to your pets behaviour should be investigated by a vet. All of our vets are experienced in managing the complex and multiple conditions that often accompany advancing years.

Early detection of illness and disease is really important, and we have the equipment necessary to help diagnose and treat your pet as quickly as possible.