Opening Services as Lockdown Eases

We Are Here For You And Your Pets 

Following the recent Covid-19 update from the government, (and announcements from our governing bodies) you will be pleased to learn that veterinary surgeries across the UK have been encouraged to start to phase back to the full range of veterinary services.

As the restrictions begin to ease and some of our routine services become available, safety will remain our top priority. We are looking forward to welcoming you back for more routine treatments, but please be aware things will still be a bit different. We will continue our vigorous measures to minimise any opportunity for possible infection to be transmitted during a visit to us.

  • All our team members will continue to wear masks at all times
  • Behind the scenes the team will be extra busy with hand and surface sanitation
  • When visiting the surgery, we will ask you to leave your pet with us at the door, we will return them to you once the visit is complete
  • You will only be asked to enter the waiting room if absolutely necessary e.g signing a form or making payment
        • We would ask that you wear a face covering inside of the surgery
        • Please note that we are only permitting one person at a time into our waiting area

If any of this is difficult for you, please let us know, and we will try to find a suitable solution. Please remember to let us know if you or any of your family has COVID-19 symptoms or is self-isolating. In that instance, we request then that a friend or neighbour brings the pet to the surgery on your behalf.
If you are shielding at home then we can provide video or telephone consultations. If your pet needs to come to us then a friend or neighbour is welcome to bring them to us. If this is not possible then let us know and we can arrange a safe collection of your pet from your doorstep.

We are aware that many of our pets have gone a little longer than usual without their vaccinations and other services and are delighted to be able to welcome you for the following services:

Vaccinations, Neutering and Dental Procedures

We are gradually opening up our vaccination, neutering and dental slots so please call to book your appointment. These slots will be prioritised in order of clinical priority and will be scheduled into specific time slots.

Please be assured that if your pets vaccinations have lapsed and they need restarting then we will be undertaking a vaccine amnesty to give the second injection at no extra cost to you.

Video Consults

Back in early April we introduced video and telephone consultations with our vets. This continues to be a great way for you to address any issues about your pet and for our vets to determine whether your pet can be treated remotely or will need to attend the practice for an examination.
These will be charged at the same price as a direct consultation as will be carried out from our vets on-site for those of you that prefer this option. If your pet needs to attend the surgery you will not be charged twice for a consultation. We are also pleased to offer free nurse consultations to discuss any questions and advice relating to preventative care to keep your pet healthy during this time.

Your Medication Posted To You

To ensure pets do not get behind with their medications, we will continue to post out and deliver medication, so please do get in touch if you require this service. Our VIP clients will receive their medications free of charge until the end of June. This service will then be available for a small monthly fee.

You are also able to pick up any medications or diets from the surgery in a safe and socially distanced manner.
If you cannot make it to the surgery or you need a drop off of meds or food then please let us know.

Please call us on 0208 319 3033 to talk through your pets health needs and to book an appointment.